Why successful people get more done than most of us


“I’d like to change my life but I’ve got no time.”

We all know somebody who said that and maybe this person was even us. Well, I’m definitively guilty of having said that at least once in my life. But then I learned how successful people use their time. After all, we all get 24 hours in a day, not more and not less. Life is fair at least in this regard.

So what do people who achieve incredible things differently? What’s the trick? Are they superhuman?
I’m not sure about the last one 😉 but I learned two things that successful people do differently that I’d like to share with you here. 1. Do the difficult things first. 

During the day we deplete our willpower resources and our brain gets tired. That’s why so often we do eat well during the day but in the evening we start snacking. Or we don’t go to the gym after work because it was a tough day. Or we rather watch TV than reading a book or doing a course. So if we do the hard stuff first, it’s done and we don’t have to worry about it later. This might not be possible for everything and everybody first thing in the morning, but do your best to do it as soon as possible during the day.

2. Use the “dead times” in your day

Think about  trivial things like cleaning the house, doing shopping, commuting to/from work. These activities can take up several hours of our days. Why not listen to an inspiring or educating audio book or a podcast during this time that brings you forward? It is also recommend to reduce mindless screen time like TV and social media. I personally put a screen time reminder on my phone that stops me from endless scrolling through social media feeds that I can override  of course, but it keeps me aware of how much time I’m spending there.
Since I’m practicing these techniques I get a lot more done like working full time but studying on the side and starting a business. Imagine what you could do!
Try it! Sit down and reflect what’s important to you at this moment in time. Think how you can prioritise this in your daily routine. Then try it out. If it doesn’t work, change it around and try again until you find a way to fit it in that works for you. Be ready to be uncomfortable at first, that’s part of you changing. Then stick to it, give it time to become a habit during two months at least. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve. 🙂

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